Location: 7 53.34"N 79 13.65"W

Hello, Argonaut, fans!!!

Carrington here to report that we may have just had the very best day EVER.

It all began with two great meals (thanks Sahil), so we were energized for the adventures to come. After lunch, we headed out to a beautiful uninhabited beach, where we were in absolute heaven for the next several hours. Here are some examples of the wide variety of activities that took place during our free time onshore… Ian got lost in the jungle, Grant and Audrey scavenged for shoes that had washed up (I think the final count was somewhere near 12 separate left shoes..), Anna and Princess (Christian P) made a shelter out of coconut trees, Ben HC found the tracks of a giant man-eating crocodile (so naturally a large group of boys spent the next hour searching for said crocodile), Parker began a hermit crab farm, I made a mermaid, and finally, there was a heated game of American football (Ian and Captain Ben even played!!) where the final score was 1-1.5.

After we were all tuckered out from the sun and activities, we made our way back to Argo to finish up the last bits of passage prep before making way to the Galapagos (YAY!!). After checking that all the lines were nicely coiled, and everything was 40/40, we began motoring along a very flat (but insanely beautiful) sea. Right before dinner, the excitement rose on deck when many cow-nose rays were spotted. Once the rays swam away, is when the real excitement started. We then crossed paths with over 100 spotted dolphins that decided to come to play at our bow!! There is no denying that experiencing that many dolphins at once with the sun beginning to set in the background was one of the most beautiful and humbling experiences. Anna can attest to this by the tears that were streaming down her face the entire time.

We then enjoyed yet another delicious meal surrounded by the most beautiful cotton candy sky/ocean combination I have personally ever seen. Then we had our final surprise to top off our day that seemed to keep adding cherries to the top…

The sun had finally gone down, and about a million UFO’s, excuse me stars, rose on the sky as we enjoyed our yummy cake sandwiches (shouts to the doughboyz) while we squeezed. Then we notice to either side of us is the most magical bioluminescence ever imaginable. So, we filled the salty bucked and splashed around like children, watching the water light up like fireworks when any movement was detected. It was truly the perfect ending to the perfect day.

To my friends and fam– Hi & I love you all 🙂

Until next time,