Location: 06 14.2'N 81 0.0'W

Team three woke this morning shortly after sunrise to take over watch. We are currently around 200 nautical miles outside of Panama and have now totaled over 2000 miles on our 90-day voyage toward Tahiti.

Days and nights on the passage, work on rotational watches, which sound routine in theory, but most of the time, through up a few surprises. The last 24 hours have brought us late night dolphins dancing in the bioluminescent photo-plankton, six tuna catches to be added to tomorrow’s menu, the sun shining high in a nearly cloudless sky, more bow wake riding dolphins, preparing samples from the ocean for genetic sequencing, the water is flat as a mirror, and swimming (jump in showers) in the ‘middle’ of the Pacific with no land or other ships in sight.

We are still over 600 miles out from our next port of call, the Galapagos. We will be continuing on with our Oceanography, Marine Biology, and Seamanship training every afternoon until landfall. And probably more dolphins.

Have a great weekend. Try and do something new today, but whatever you do, be excellent about it.


Did I mention the dolphins?

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