Location: Antigua

Today dawned bright and early at our usual 7 am wakeup. Tim was our skipper, and he made sure everyone was out of bed and ready for a bit more cleaning and a lot more packing. We had crepes for breakfast made by our head chef Nick and his sous chefs, Emma and Katie. We had peanut butter, Nutella, sugar and lemon, syrup and powdered sugar, and lots of yummy toppings to keep us fuelled for the morning. Then we broke out all of the duffel bags that had been hidden away under a bilge and got to work! As the top bunkers were packing, everyone else was cleaning the galley, heads, deck, etc. So much to be done to give back to Argo after safely taking us over 6,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean and through the Caribbean. As the top bunk folks finished, they traded out with the people who slept in the lower bunks, and we all powered through lots of projects with tunes, conversation, and laughter until about 4 pm. At that point, everything was clean and packed, and people were finishing writing cards and getting themselves ready for our final squeeze and final dinner.

Once everyone was cleaned up and dressed in some of the nicest clothes we had seen so far, we all sat in the cockpit for our final squeeze. This one was a particularly bittersweet one for me as well because, after five years with Seamester, this is my final trip. Everyone held hands, and our question was, “What is a lesson you have learned that you want to take with you when you depart Argo?” There were so many good words of wisdom shared and a few tears shed in memory of our amazing semester together. Once we were finished, we hopped in the dinghy and went to Trappas for our final dinner. We were all seated at a huge table (Thanks Calum for watching Argo so that Freddie could join us for dinner!), and we ate and drank and had so much fun together. Many people are feeling sad that this experience is coming to a close, but we can also be happy to know that many of us will certainly see each other again. We will carry our memories with us always, and the friendships and bonds we have formed will be there no matter how far apart we are in the future. I want to personally thank every staff and student for making this trip incredible and unforgettable. From Table Mountain to Napoleon’s grave to the challenge course on Devil’s Island to the beaches of Fernando de Noronha to many fun and beautiful dives in the Caribbean to starry skies underway and (something in the) orange sunsets and everywhere in between, this trip was an absolute pleasure and an adventure like no other. And Argo, thank you for carrying us safely the whole way and protecting us, and bringing us together. You are so much more than just a boat. You are a home.

Pictured: Emma created a beautiful memory in the Argo guest book to represent our trip; Staff on Argo Spring 2023; the crew of Argo dressed up and ready for final dinner.