Location: Underway To Cape Town, South of the Cape of Good Hope

Firstly Beaks would like me to say how excited I was to open the advent calendar today. We are within 80 nautical miles of Cape Town and 35 nautical miles south of the Cape of Good Hope. We had our last class ever today, which was our Marine Biology exam it was a sad moment because it was just another step closer to the end. Today was the last full day our crew would experience underway. It was all in all a good day. We sailed, we talked and we reminisced about the last three months. I find it amazing that in the last three months I have been to four sovereign countries and multiple territories, I have crossed an ocean, been to two continents and I set foot for the first time in my life on the continent of Africa. We have seen whales, sharks, rays, orangutans, elephants, rhinos, zebras, hippos and many more. We have seen gale force winds and been through what is widely considered as the most unpredictable waters in the world. But most of all we have had the time of our lives and made life long friends doing all of it.