Location: Rounding Cape Agulhas, the most southern point of Africa

Looking at our charts it almost appears as though Argo is at the end of the earth. The entire continent of Africa sits approximately seven miles north of us as we round Cape Agulhas, the most southern tip of Africa. This morning as we watched a cold front move east across the sky we hauled up our anchor for the last time this semester and began to make our way west. With only 300 miles to go until Cape Town, everyone was on deck to see our departure, enjoy a final on deck chilly but refreshing saltwater shower and to set sail. Engine off, we sailed a steady 6 knots throughout the day as the African coastline turned from sandy shores to rocky cliffs in the distance. When the crew was not on deck soaking up the rays of the sun, they were taking their Oceanography final exam or studying for the next day’s Marine Biology final exam. With such a short distance ahead of us, everyone has smiles on their faces as Argo heels over and sways back and forth in the southern ocean one last time this year.