Location: Plettenbergbaai, South Africa

Today was actually a pretty eventful day. It started off like any other day under passage, working our way through night watch until it came to my watch team, group 3. It had been decided that we were to anchor in Cape Seal, due to the incoming inclement weather approaching. Right before our arrival, there was a spotting of a humpback whale and it’s offspring, occasionally leaping out of the water and generally splashing around a bit. We rolled in at about eight, welcomed by seals hopping about through the water. As we arrived, my group did a little boat appreciating and then briefly passed out for a good while. I unfortunately had to finish my OCB research powerpoint. I stayed up, and the boat quickly became very quiet. Quietly working by myself, the boat slowly rolling around, I realize how much I’ve gotten used to from being on this trip. I would have never thought I would ever be constructing a powerpoint in a sailing yacht in Southern Africa waters. Anyways, we didn’t get a chance to get ashore and check out the local scene, seeing as we were just anchoring for the night to avoid the low-pressure system chugging right towards us. The rest of the day was pretty normal, with lunch, class, dinner, and then anchor watches through the night.