Location: Antigua

As the program is approaching its end, we had our last watch with our watch teams last night on the short overnight passage from Les Saintes to Antigua. Huge shout out to watch team one season two for all the laughs and cries all season long.

Today also marks the day for the last assignment for the Oceanography class and the end of exams for Seamanship. I am proud to inform you that everyone in the PSCT class has passed our navmaster exam, earning the certification! To celebrate our achievement, Zoe made a delicious cake for dessert at dinner.

A couple of other things worth noting are that Rescue Diver lessons continued after we arrived in Antigua and, for squeeze, I asked the question, “What should have been on the trip packing list?” For all of you future students who might be reading this blog post, some of the answers that resonated with everyone include a portable speaker, a battery bank, a portable fan, extra swimsuits, fewer socks, a personal mug, and more quick-drying clothing.