Location: Underway to Antigua

Today was a big day full of scenarios for the rescue divers. We started the morning with the BEST panned muffins I have ever made by Shuman. I am now convinced that panned muffins are better than normal ones. After cleanup, we split into two groups, one that went closer to land to do scenarios underwater and the other that stayed by the boat to practice surface scenarios. We practiced what to do when a diver is unconscious underwater as well as above water; it’s harder than it looks to drag a non-breathing diver to the boat while keeping their head above water doing rescue breaths and then having to drag them onto the dingy. But it was a fun time. During one of our scenarios, Emma found a baby lobster shell and decided to bring it back to the boat so we could have a boat pet, but she had to get rid of it shortly after for a couple of valid reasons. After today all of us now know how to deal with a diver who isn’t breathing. I can confidently say that everyone got burnt somewhere on their body today. Right before dinner, we did passage prep and started our last passage (so sad) back to Antigua. Dinner was great; we had breakfast burritos, and to end the night in a positive manner, I asked everyone for my squeeze question to say one act of kindness someone has done either for them or someone else that should be recognized. It brought a smile to my face and made me a little emotional hearing everyone share what they had come up with. Overall a great day, and I can’t wait to continue to enjoy the last couple of days we all have together.