Location: Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The highlight of my day started when Ezra opened his eyes, basically dancing out of bed to the wake-up song of the morning – ‘gravy train’ by Yung Gravy.

After a delicious boatmeal breakfast, the first round of divers headed out for their final advanced open water certification dive! It was a cute little sunken tugboat that was COVERED in coral. There were massive lobsters, eels, crabs, and, as always, Marina making friends with every little fish and piece of coral in sight. While we waited on the surface for the second dive group to get to the wreck, Mac and I decided to put our BCDs back on the boat and go for a little freedive. The 50ish ft deep boat was perfect for a mini sesh. Once everyone got down to the bottom of the wreck, it was a mess of hand signals and facial expressions showing just how excited everyone was to be at the bottom of the ocean looking at this wreck with our little Argo family. The pictures of the dive below were all captured by our amazing underwater photographers – Trevor, Louis, and Mac.

As soon as we got back from our dive, the afternoon dive groups and today’s chefs were tearing it up to Party in the USA in the galley – a dance party fueled by Renee and Izzy’s mutual love of the song ‘Ayo’ by Chris Brown.

A lot of exciting things happened this afternoon, including Niko, Riley, and Felipe working together to map out an entire dive site together, Renee going for a dingy ride (her favorite) to go provisioning with Lolo, Lewis somehow forgetting to cook dinner, and a super fun oceanography class with Steph. But moment that trumps it all – the bright yellow laundry boat pulling up to Argo with everyone’s first load of fresh laundry in 22 days!

We ended the day with our nightly squeeze and Gill, as always, making the entire cockpit die of laughter. Tomorrow we head out of Bequia and to the Tobago Cays for some more diving and rumors of a bbq on the beach!!

We all miss you guys at home and can’t wait to come back with days worth of stories about the adventures on Argo.

P.S. Hi Brooke and Immy!!! Miss you guys tons…hope you’re having the best time with Nat and give Joey some extra pets for me!!

1: Mac Freediving
2: Una!
3: Helllooo
4. Certified!!!
5 and 6: Tugboat wreck
7: Thea always making friends with the fishies
8: Awesome shot by Trevor
9: Frankie and Bella creating menus for their head chef days
10: Dinner
11: We love Louis:))))
12: Dance partyy
13: Late night leadership class with Timmy
14: Lunch in the cockpit
15: Left to right: Thea, Nat, Trevor, Frankie
16: Pre-dive
17: Mac and Felipe
18: Izzy making the most bomb dough balls of all time