Location: Tobago Cays, Genadines

To the rest of the world, it’s Friday, but to the crew of Ocean Star, it’s Day 26. Shortly after becoming part of her crew, we realized that days of the week don’t really exist. This is totally fine because it means you can have a Lazy Sunday on a Friday (Lazy Sunday: sleeping in until 8 AM instead of the usual 7 AM). This was a truly glorious thought to take into sleep with us last night. We all went to bed eager to get that extra hour; however, many of us still woke up at 7 AM like Pavlov’s dogs hungry for breakfast. Classical conditioning at its finest, but the banana pancakes were totally worth it, so we didn’t mind.

We had dinghy school after breakfast, where Eric taught us to safely and effectively operate Exy. She’s one of the two rigid hull inflatable boats that get us from place to place once Ocean Star drops anchor. After the classroom lesson, we took turns getting hands-on experience and then reviewed for our International Crew Certification exam tomorrow. This exam counts for both our Seamanship class as well as a professional certification.

After lunch, we had some free time until dinner, which consisted of studying, catching up on sleep, or snorkeling along a reef. Most of us chose the latter, and after applying a hefty amount of sunscreen, we motored Irv and Exy over to a good spot on the reef and jumped in. We saw everything from turtles to stingrays to exotic fish (exotic if you’re not familiar with fish). Steph, our marine biology instructor, accompanied us on this little adventure and basically taught pro bono for two hours. It was really nice having someone with so much knowledge and experience when we came across things we didn’t recognize.

Dinner was arguably the highlight of the day. The Beach Boys, a group of locals who hold beach BBQs, cooked up a great meal of chicken, potatoes, vegetables, and fried plantains for us to devour. We sat around a big picnic table with a beautiful view of the sunset. Asher had brought his Frisbee that we tossed around for a couple of hours before heading back to Ocean Star. Ian and Asher would like to remind everyone that it should be referred to as a disc and not a Frisbee because Frisbee is a trademark of the Wham-O company, and Wham-O Frisbees are trash and never used in competitive ultimate. But really… It is a Frisbee… We finished our evening by powering through an Oceanography lecture and then diving into bed. It might be called a Lazy Sunday, but it certainly wiped most of us out.