Location: Oranjestad, St. Eustatius

We awoke this morning in the quiet, protected bay of Ile Fourche, a lovely uninhabited island at the western end of St. Barths. After a quick breakfast, we raised sails and hauled anchor simultaneously, then made our way out to open waters. It was a very light day today in the Caribbean sea, and the wind came from a very odd direction. It was blowing 7-10kts out of the south and made the beginning of the voyage an upwind venture. Typically this sail is a pleasant beam reach with winds out of the east, allowing Ocean Star to cruise along at 7-9kts. Today we slugged along at 3-4 knots with all our sails presented to the wind. The students did a great job at throwing up the full mainsail, full foresail, and staysail quickly. It took a bit longer to run out the flying jib and jib, but it didn’t make much difference in speed. St. Barths just wanted us to stay another day. As the morning turned to afternoon, the breeze shifted further east and picked up slightly, giving us a gentle push and lifting our boat speed to 6-7 knots. By the time we were within a stone’s throw of Statia, we were making close to 9 knots as we cruised through the massive ships anchored in her lee. There is a large fuel depot in Statia where ships will come to buy and sell fuel in high quantities, which makes the waters surrounding the island very busy with commercial ship traffic. We made it into the anchorage and dropped sail at roughly 3 pm and went for a swim to cool down. When the wind is calm in the Caribbean, you remember how hot it is. Statia is a very calm and pleasant island full of history and great diving. I am sure you will hear more about our exciting adventures tomorrow.