Location: Ile Fourchue, St. Barthelemy

This morning started later than it was supposed to. Being woken up by Sam saying, “Dasha, its 7:20!” I realized that my alarm didnt go off. We immediately got into passage prep and ran to get our laundry onshore. Thankfully everyone was super quick (and well-rested), and we left the dock very smoothly.
We motored to Ile Fourche, a small island that is a part of St. Barths, during which we sang Christmas songs and enjoyed the sunshine. We anchored in a quiet, beautiful bay surrounded by emerald-green hills. Once settled in, Allie, Sydney, and I went for a fun dive – 40 minutes among colorful corals, lionfish, blue tangs, and barracudas. When we got back to the boat, we were greeted by the smell of Steve’s awesome mac and cheese, as well as several shipmates napping peacefully up on deck.

Following lunch, Carolyn gave us an opportunity to take a practice “Nav-master” exam, which was a great revision of all the material weve learned. We split into two groups and took turns taking the exam. While waiting for our turn, we had free-time to catch up on coursework and relax under the foredeck tarp. Once everyone was done, it was time to shower and prepare for dinner, but also a much-needed post-thanksgiving “shower workout.”

For dinner, we enjoyed Steves classic roast, with everyones favorite “perfectly crispy potatoes.” It was a thirds and fourths kind of meal. After that was our last oceanography lecture, where we talked about global warming and climate change. Once it was over, everyone felt the realization of the fact that it was our last oceanography class. Despite the fact that it was a sign that everything is slowly coming to an end, we felt happy knowing this. Were able to look back on the voyage and feel fantastic about everything weve done and the challenges we’ve been able to overcome. Even though this isnt my last entry, the weight of the end of the trip is still real. And I know that once the end comes, everyone will feel the same way. Talk to you later for the last time :((