Location: Gustavia, St Barthelemy

This morning the crew awoke from their food-induced comas, and everyone was treated to a delicious breakfast of pancakes made by Allie. Midway through breakfast, the crew was all briefed for the day ahead. We would have time ashore from 0830 to 1400, and then those doing an optional dive would be able to kit up and prepare for that after. Post briefing, the crew went ashore, where some of us had a second breakfast at various surrounding French restaurants and then went to explore the other side of town. Initially, on an adventure to what Dasha, Ian, and I thought was a historic French fort, we found out that it was an outpost for the island’s Gendarmerie, which prompted us to turn around and head back toward town. Three of the crew went diving with Steve. However, the rest of us opted out in favor of doing work, sleeping, or spending more time in town. The rest of the afternoon was relatively calm. Everybody reconvened at Ocean Star at around 1700, where we all told each other about our last day in St Barths. For some of us it was productive, for others it was relaxing. However, it was incredible for everyone.