Location: Gustavia, St. Barthelemy

Happy Turkey Day! Similar to most Thanksgivings, preparations began last night with banana bread being made for breakfast. The crew woke up at 7 to “All I Want For Christmas Is You” by Mariah Carey (some of the crew had previously argued that we weren’t allowed to play Christmas music before Thanksgiving, so… Happy Thanksgiving & now Merry Christmas!). We started the day with Allie’s delicious banana bread then immediately dove into meal prep. Steph and I started on making cookies and rolls. Will and Zach began towork on the pecan pie along with Ian’s pumpkin and Carolyn’s apple pie. And Dasha made the world’s best stuffing (as per usual).

Most of us were able to step off the boat for a few hours of shopping and lunch. We have the dinghy attached to Ocean Star and the dock, making it a fun little adventure to pull yourself to and from the dock (also making it very hard to transport ice cream to the boat without it melting everywhere – sorry Steph!). By the time everyone was back, the galley had transitioned from Christmas music to movies. Starting with Elf, chefs Ian and Dasha put the chickens in the oven (close enough to turkey, right?), and Emma started on our very yummy sweet potato casserole and cauliflower roast for the vegetarians. As we got closer to dinner, we finished up the side dishes, including sauted green beans, potatoes, fresh cranberry sauce, and gravy.

At dinner, we all went around the table and said what we were thankful for, both on and off the boat. Everyone’s answers were essentially the same: being very grateful for our boat family and extra thanks to our families back home! Following dinner and dessert, we played a jeopardy game, and the winning team (Ian, Carolyn, Will, Sinclair, Sam, and Zach) won candy prizes after a very intense and close game. Everyone’s working together to clean up quickly to get to sleep after a long day of cooking and eating. We’re also all very thankful to still be on a dock – meaning no anchor watch and a full night’s sleep for everyone! Happy Thanksgiving from our boat family to all our families at home!!