Location: Gustavia, St. Barthelemy

As the sun rose over the hills and shone light into the anchorage, everyone lazily awoke to happy morning tunes. We started our day off with a delicious and nutritious meal of flapjacks prepared by Carolyn, complete with dark chocolate morsels, apricots, sunflower seeds, and nuts. The meal was the perfect breakfast because it provided the much-needed energy for the full day of adventure we had planned. Once the cleanup was complete and we had moved the boat from being side-to to stern-to the dock, we all hopped off the ship and caught our taxi to St. Jean. There are several beaches on the windward side of the island, but we picked the Baie de St. Jean for our destination because of the availability to rent surfboards! Everyone spilled out of the taxis, excited to get onto the beach. We rented boards, and half of the group went out. From the beach, they could be seen paddling out to where the waves were and caught waves! After about an hour, they came back in and swapped with the rest of the group, who, after a briefing on the site, paddled out for their turn. Many of us went off the beach to explore the nearby shops and restaurants but would come back to enjoy the sunshine and sand as well as go back out on the boards. Sun-kissed and exhausted by the amount of paddling, we returned to the boat in the late afternoon to have some time to shower and get all the sand off before dinner. The chefs (Carolyn and Sam) outdid themselves with gougeres (a type of cheese pastry/roll/delicious ball of fluff) accompanied by green beans, and everyone shared what they were most looking forward to in regards to Thanksgiving. After dinner, the crew got all dressed up for a casual night out on the town and walked around Gustavia, enjoying the company and beautiful weather. Once back on board, heads quickly made their way to pillows, and thoughts were of all the Thanksgiving food and activities to come. I wonder if instead of sheep-induced sleep, turkeys were instead counted?