Location: Gustavia, St Barthelemy

Hello from St Barts! Last night after a delicious dinner using up all of our leftovers in the fridge, we left the fueling dock in Antigua and raised the sails for our overnight passage. Watch team 2 (Carolyn, Steph, Sinclair, Sydney, Allie, Sam, and Ian) started us off and reported TONS of shooting stars – they even caught a glimpse of the (upside-down) big dipper, a rare sighting down here by the equator. Watch team 1 (Ian, Steve, Emma, Will, Dasha, and Zach) enjoy a bit of rain followed by a double rainbow! They basked in its glory with an early morning snack of spoonfuls of chocolate frosting. It was a lovely motor-sail; we docked just as the noon church bells chimed right across the street from Cartier and Ralph Lauren (ooh la la!)

Upon arrival, we had veggie fried rice for lunch and some PB&Js for dessert (we work up quite the appetite during long passages) before taking on an afternoon of boat appreciation. We spent the rest of the day cleaning, organizing, scrubbing, and washing away in the salon, up on deck, and in the galley. Once Ocean Star was squeaky clean, we had some free time for onshore showers (score!) and a quick trip to the HUGE grocery store for some well-deserved treats and cold drinks.

For dinner, we had yummy Asian-inspired noodles, thanks to chefs Zach and Sydney. For our squeeze question, I asked what everyone’s Chipotle order was because I think that it says a lot about a person – white or brown rice? Black beans or pinto beans? What kind(s) of salsa?? You know, the hard-hitting questions. What I learned, however, is that none of my shipmates love Chipotle quite as much as I do. We ended dinner by affirming the person sitting on each side of us, which made everyone feel warm and fuzzy. After clean-up, we’ll have a student leadership class. Ian mentioned that we’d be doing something extra special for class – onshore, perhaps? Only time will tell…check back tomorrow to hear all about our first day in St. Bart’s!