Location: English Harbour, Antigua

Today we woke up to strong wind and killer oatmeal, a great combo to start any day. We quickly jumped into passage prep, raised the anchor, hauled up the sails, and cruised downwind back to English Harbor for fuel fill up before our trip up to St. Barts. The passage was no easy sail as the vast waves rocked us, rolling Ocean Star to angles we had not yet witnessed. As we went along the coastline, we got another chance to see the breathtaking cliffs along the southern side of Antigua and even spotted the tide pools we had explored a few days before. We approached the English Harbor Slipway dock, which was followed by a brief lesson on docking where we went over breast lines, spring lines, and how to smoothly work Ocean Star onto a dock. After some substantial lunch, we had back-to-back classes, jumping from a marine biology class to oceanography. After class, we had some much-needed free time spent at a cafe enjoying some coffee and snacks, then hit the on very special onshore showers. For dinner, we had a dinner of leftovers, giving us some energy for the night passage that we quickly left for, with excitement for the island of St. Barths in the morning.