Location: Green Island, Antigua

Today I awoke to the very aptly named Green Island (it is very green though there are some brown and rocks of a more grey color, I get why they went with Green). It protects the inner bay from ferocious winds and ghastly ghouls that try to work their way in. After I woke the crew for the morning treat of waffles and some fresh fruit, they disbanded after clean up for Oceanography to learn about the issues of overfishing, or at least that’s the part I overheard while listening from afar. Then came a proud moment as some of the fresh-faced guppies I have taught to dive, starting as mere larvae, undertook a dive without me. I, of course, spent the 30 minutes watching out for them in the dinghy crying through sheer proudness (I didn’t cry, I just got sunscreen in my eye). After we returned, many squirreled away to various parts of the boat while waiting for lunch, which was a delicious Mac and Cheese Bake, so perfect, even Gorden Ramsey would have to concoct a sentence without a curse word in it.

Lunch was, of course, followed by the cleanup, and then the shipmates moved on to more Navigation practice; with their exam looming, only time will tell who comes out on top and which shipmates will have to walk the plank. Navigation practice was followed by more study time for the Marine Biology Exam in the evening. I, myself, spent a sweltering and sweaty afternoon (calm down ladies and gents) in the Laz installing new lighting and a light in the lower Laz, I know that doesn’t mean a lot to those reading, but it’s interesting news for us on the boat. Dinner was a wonderfully prepared array of pork chops and veg, which was followed by my exam (I must confess I wrote this blog before the exam was taken, so hopefully, they all do well).

So that was it, the day as a whole and in tradition, I will leave all of you with some pondering thoughts……….If you drop the soap on the floor, is the floor clean, or is the soap dirty? If two mind readers are reading each other’s minds at the same time, whose mind are they reading? Why is the word for fear of long words Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia? (seems cruel, right) and why is the 0 on the phone after 1?