Location: Green Island, Antigua

This morning I woke up the crew to Clocks by Coldplay. We enjoyed a delicious breakfast of rainbow sandwiches and started the day with the leadership class challenge course. We performed a series of activities that developed our leadership skills. My favorite one was when we had to navigate our way through a spider web made of rope, each person could only go through a hole once, and we had to stay connected to the group the entire time, or else we would have to start over. For lunch, we had cheese waffles and butternut squash soup, and after clean-up, the crew members enjoyed their last few moments on the land before heading out to Green Island. The 2.5-hour voyage to Green Island was a rocky one; there were moments when the bow of Ocean Star dipped beneath the waves. Ians prowess as our captain shone as he navigated past two reefs and a humongous rock to the bay where we dropped the starboard anchor. After our fabulous dinner of rotini pasta with a special sauce prepped by Dasha and Will, we took our fourth oceanography quiz, and since we arrived so late, Steph agreed to have a class that following morning. Then we laid our heads down on our pillows and drifted into a blissful sleep.