Location: Villefranche, France

Ahoy, friends, and family! Today I served as our first student skipper. I had the pleasure of waking the crew up today, so I am quickly on my way to becoming everyone’s favorite student. I joke, but everyone was super excited to start a new day. No frowns on the Argo. After an excellent breakfast, we were introduced to some linework around the ship with the help of our instructors.

After lunch and some more intros around the vessel, we hopped on our dinghies and went into town to meet with a contact at a local oceanographic institute. We learned about all the really neat stuff folks at the institute have been doing since the 1800s. We were also shown some of the really incredible equipment, technology, and gadgets being used in Villefranche and around the world. From jarred specimens to algae farms, interests were peaked.

We had a great end to the day with some good discussions. The group continues to grow accustomed to our shower routine. We wrapped up a delicious shrimp Alfredo dinner on board and finished the day with an introduction to what we’ll be doing in the realm of SCUBA.

Day 3 rocked. Looking forward to Monaco tomorrow.

Sincerely from today’s skipper,
Townes P.
(extra images taken by Matt H.)


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