Location: Villefranche, France

The day started with a number of anchor watches. Fortunately, the rainy weather held off, so the stars were out. Everyone rose by 7 AM, and breakfast was served. We left Argo by dinghy for a 15-minute train ride. We were in the world of the rich and famous (Jay Z and Beyonce were there today). We headed up on the hills to an aquarium! The historical building held some very diverse and beautiful marine creatures. Personally, I enjoyed touching young sharks.

When the sailors had finished checking out the museum, we met at its restaurant that looked over the Mediterranean. We mingled and then went our separate ways to explore Monaco. A group that I was in carefully selected a place to eat, but looks can be deceiving. The meal was saved with two delicious scoops of ice cream. After, we met to sprint to our train back to Villefranche. The groups broke off again before meeting the dinghy to arrive back at our home, Argo.

The hot day was cooled off with an ocean shower and a few shipmates showing off their front flips. Most of us took to our books and finished the first bit of reading for open water scuba diving. We had ‘squeeze’ where we learned about everyone’s animals that they had left at home, and then we had a nice dinner made by Ava Leigh and Kristian.’ Twas a great day.


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