Location: Fallmouth Harbour, Antigua

Day 8, We are finally leaving the slipway! Today everyone woke up around 7 AM and had an amazing french toast breakfast. After breakfast, we had oceanography class, where we learned about the remarkable history of the H.M.S Challenger research ship. After class, we started preparing to leave the slipway. We started by getting our covid tests and then cleared everything off the deck of the boat that was not nailed down and took our last showers on land. The waves were much bigger than I expected once we left the mouth of the harbor. Some of us started to feel seasick. Fortunately, no one threw up. We anchored in Falmouth Harbour, where we started our first marine biology/oceanography lab. We studied the water salinity ‘as well as’ water flow rate. After our lab, we were able to take our first saltwater showers. It seems like all the students and staff are starting to become really close and more and more like a family as every day passes! I would like to wish Mia Bradley a happy 20th birthday! (Sam’s sister)
1. Picture of the students and Hedrek while leaving the slipway.
2. Students pulling Erve up onto deck before leaving the harbor. (Pictures 2 and 3)
4. Hedrek guides Sarah on where to steer the boat.
5. Ash teaches students how to sweat a line.
6. A double rainbow was taken just after breakfast.