Location: UW to Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

HAPPY PASSAGE DAY!! We woke up in the rolling seas of Falmouth in Antigua. After a long night of our first anchor watch, we were all super tired when 7 am came around. Right, when we got out of bed, Sierra, Ela, and I put our bathing suits on and jumped off the Martingale into the prettiest, bluest ocean we have ever seen. After a quick morning swim, we all gathered for breakfast. Mia made us baked oatmeal today, and it was SO good. Afterward, we cleaned up and gathered for seamanship class in the cockpit. Hedrek talked us through some sailing terms, and I even saw a turtle pop his head out of the water right next to us in the middle of class. After class, we worked a little bit on our essays that were due soon and started to prep for passage. Passage prep reminds me a lot of preparing for a hurricane.

We made sure everything below deck was tied down, and nothing would fall out of our bunks. We called it making everything 40/40: preparing for the boat to be on a 40-degree angle and preparing for 40 knots of wind. We got our sails up (in very windy weather), turned our engine off, and sailed over to Guadalupe. The full sail took about 16 hours. We aimed to leave around 2:30 pm and, in classic Ocean Star fashion, left around 4 pm. It is crucial I point out the mysterious new york hat- right before we raised our first sail, we saw a hat floating, basically turned the boat around, and tried extremely hard to fish it out… and we got it! The beginning of the sail was absolutely breathtaking. Then once we got pretty far into open water, the seas got pretty rough. The boat was on a complete slant. There was a high side and a low side, and there was definitely a solid number of people seasick. We struggled through dinner on passage and went into our watch teams. Every passage, we split into watch teams and sail in 4 hour time intervals with our teams so we can get all get a chance to sleep. We did 4 hours on 8 hours off, and I luckily got 4-8, so sunrise (but that’s going to have to wait until tomorrow’s blog). Altogether, another memorable day on Ocean Star. Definitely made bonds that will never be broken and memories that will last a lifetime. I still can not get over the beautiful water and mountains here. Until next time,
Rae C

1- Hedrek teaching us in our seamanship class
2- the matching trio
3- coolest two people ever (Kelly and I)
4- Fizz, Eli, and Mackenzie raising the sails
5- Dirt don’t hurt
6- fishing out the mysterious new york hat
7- the mysterious new york hat in Antigua

Mom, Dad, Nacl, and Savana- I miss you all so much, and I can’t wait to tell all of y’all about the amazing time I’m having on ocean star in person<3