Location: Les Saintes, Guadeloupe

Day 10! Today started off pretty early at 3:40 am for watch team 3. We broke up into three watch teams last night and took turns steering and controlling the boat. The first watch started at 8 pm ended at 12 am. The next one was from 12 am to 4 am, and finally, 4 am to 8 am. The watch teams are; watch team 1 with Hedrick, Eli, Kelly, Sarah, Ela, and Savannah; watch team 2 with Ash, Brett, Mackenzie, Fizz, Sierra, and Mia; watch team 3 with Sam, Amanda, Isaac, Alex, Rae, and Sunny. Watching the moonset and sunrise was amazing! Most of us had a very tough night, mainly because of seasickness. However, we finally arrived in Les Saints at around 8:10 am in much calmer waters and with some breathtaking views. We had the morning off, giving us enough time to rest. For lunch, we had delicious burgers cooked by our chefs Sarah, Sunny, and Brett! After lunch, we got Ocean Star nice and clean after our first voyage with a boat-wide boat appreciation (BA). This entailed basically scrubbing the deck for four hours straight and cleaning up below deck with some extreme thoroughness. We had Eli play his music which made our jobs a lot of fun! We then had ocean shores in our beautiful new anchorage and had a delicious enchilada dinner. After dinner, we had marine biology with Amanda and amazing scones that Sarah made for an extra treat!


Photo 1 Sunrise sailing on Ocean Star (watch team 3)
Photo 2 More of the beautiful views we had
Photo 3 Taking down the sails (Watch teams 1and3)
Photo 4 Our BA music of choice