Location: Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

Bonjour tout le monde!

Aujourd’hui je vais vous raconter la journee en francais! Utilizer Google translate pour comprendre! 🙂

No, I’m kidding. I’m not going to make you guys go to Google translate to understand the blog post because Google translate does not always get everything right. Plus, it’s just an extra step for you guys to do, and you probably just want to know what we were up to today without the hassle. Although, I know my mom would love for me to write in French (without spelling errors). Coucou Maman!

So! Anyways, enough of my rambling.

Aujourd’hui… ok, I’ll stop. I’m just very happy that I get to speak French. 🙂

Ok! Now to the real stuff! So today, we were supposed to leave for student-directed travel, but there was a festival on land to celebrate the arrival of a traditional Polynesian boat, so with a majority vote this morning at the briefing, we decided to stay in Nuku Hiva an extra day. Rescue divers stayed on Argo to do scuba diving things. They had fun hauling one another in the dinghy as one of them pretended to be unconscious, and the other had to rescue and resuscitate them. I do not have pictures. I apologize.

The rest of us rushed to land for the festival. Some of us got rides from the locals to get to the dancing and music faster. It was very nice to see. The locals were dressed in local clothing. The women had flower hats with traditional dresses or skirts. They looked very nice. Three men were covered in leaves as their costumes. It’s a typical costume to represent something- I’m not sure what, but you probably have seen those kinds of costumes before. There were kids walking in lines and responding “oui” to a lady who would say something in Marquesan. The three men in costumes showed off their dance moves. In one, they did this really low growl, almost which was really cool!! Very impressive too! Then they stood behind the ladies who were sitting down, and they sang in Marquesan. Very nice! Great to see the culture!

The Polynesian boat is called the Hokule’a, which means the star of gladness. We got to meet the crew, which was great. The vessel was built in the 1970s and has done several voyages between Tahiti and Hawaii, and now they are finishing up a circumnavigation. They actually went through the Panama Canal, went to the Galapagos, another island about 1000 miles south of Galapagos, and ended up here. Then they go to Tahiti. So, they are following us basically! What is most interesting about this vessel is that the whole thing is built in the traditional Polynesian style. They navigate only using traditional methods, with no GPS or modern technology.

It was a great morning, for sure. I’m glad we voted to stay another day because it was a great way to experience the culture. We also got free fruit after the ceremony so… The fruit here is so fresh and so good!!!

There is amazing carving done here, too, whether in bone, wood, stone, whatever you can think of really. If you guys know the movie Moana, Maui hook is pretty famous here. There are also a lot of interesting tattoos, which all have a cultural meaning. We got a dictionary of what they mean.

There are also a lot of people who horseback ride from place to place. There is the restaurant dog that we named Squishy. He’s so cute!!! We all miss our dogs every time we see a dog! We’ve asked for a boat pet, but it sort of is not possible. Or we would have to go through Captain Ben and Carolyn… So… Maybe another day.


After all, of the exciting morning events, we enjoyed a nice lunch at a restaurant and then headed back to the boat for an OCE/OCB class. Then we had chill time to do whatever we had to do done. Then we had a squeeze, the question be”ng, “if you had a French Polynesian tattoo, what would you like the meaning of it t” be?” Then to end the squeeze, we had our own little Marquesan dance party: playing drums (rescue divers), paparazzi (staff that stayed on the boat), and then dancers (everyone who saw the dances today.) SLS tonight.


Well, that was fun writing! I hope you guys enjoy reading the blogs! I know that when I get back, I will read all of them! It will be interesting to see how different people write!

Otherwise, happy April fools day, bonne nuit et a demain!