Location: Hakahetau Bay, Ua-Pou, Marquesas

Today we went on our student-led passage from Nuka-Hiva to Ua Pou. Earlier this week, we broke into three teams, a navigation team, an engineering team, and a deck team. The Nav team found a heading, identified hazards on the charts, and found a safe anchorage. The engineering team managed all of the electronics and the engine. The deck team did sail planning and handling. With the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack blasting on a portable speaker, our fearless captain-for-the-day Tom took us out of the bay in Nuka Hiva. We had a relaxing passage to Ua Pou, a much less populated island but much more picturesque. Five precipices of rock jet out of the mountaintops of Ua Pou, making it look like the setting of a movie. Once we were anchored in the tiny Hakahetau Bay, everyone started doing jump-in showers, and a local man approached us in an outrigger canoe. Audrey talked to him in French, and he offered to let us try his boat. Everyone took turns trying to paddle his outrigger up and down the bay. It’s not very difficult to keep your balance and paddle forward, but turning without capsizing is very hard!

– James