Location: Les Saints, Guadeloupe

Today the crew was gently woken up by the soothing sounds of piano music, and those who refused to be woken gently were woken by the fight song from the Matrix, you know, where Neo fights Agent Smith and all the clones… but I digress. We enjoyed a tasty meal of crepes, which are like thin, chewy pancakes, and they were served with warm peaches and Nutella for flavor. The rest of the morning was spent with the majority of us continuing our Rescue Diver training. The exercise today involved what to do with an unresponsive diver. We practiced rescue breaths in the water, which was interesting; we all took the training seriously but also had a little fun with it at the same time. For lunch, we had some ramen, which was oddly comforting, and reminded me of my meals in college. Afterward, we finished up our slideshow presentations in Oceanography and had some free time while the Open Water divers continued to train. A few of us went for a quick snorkel before dinner; saw some cool critters while relaxing in the waves. I had some curry vegetables for dinner and then got our gear ready for the first night dive of the trip. It was a pretty cool dive; we saw some glow in the dark stuff and some night critters. The big thing that stood out for everyone was when we heard some whale calls off in the distance, granted we didn’t know they were whales until after the dive, and the staff told us (I just assumed someone was making weird sounds). Everyone is looking forward to getting their feet on dry land and enjoying some nice coffee and baguettes at the local cafes in town tomorrow during some much needed free time.