Location: Great Harbor Peter

Ocean Star received 10 new crew members last night to kick off this Fall 2011 Seamester voyage. They flew into the British Virgin Islands from all over the states and even as far as Venezuela. Each new student had one thing in common with each other, the nervousness that comes with facing the unknown and the eagerness that accompanies the start of a new grand adventure. They might not realize it yet, but as many past students will tell them, they are in for a life-changing experience, one which they will never forget. Today the crew started their morning off with a 7 am swim test in the clear Caribbean water. The morning was filled with our policies meeting and life aboard chat. But no matter how much we can tell a new crew what to expect, the only way to learn it is by experiencing it. In the afternoon, we prepped Ocean Star by fooding the boat for the next few weeks and getting everyone kitted out with scuba gear. Once the final prep work was done, we cast off the dock lines and got underway for Great Harbor. We had our first dinner on the water, with the rain holding off just long enough for us to finish eating. The night was capped off with PADI videos in preparation for the diving to come. It makes me happy to be on the water again, and Ocean Star is happy to once again have a crew aboard to take throughout the Caribbean. Let the grand adventure begin!