Location: Grand Mal, Grenada

Today our crew started the day out with a delicious breakfast up on deck, as usual. We then got clean up and passage prep going for our ‘voyage’ over to Grand Mal, which was only 3 miles away. But, the rain was not going to let us have it that easy. We’ve experienced a lot of rainfall in the past couple of days we’ve spent here in Grenada… not complaining, of course! It was actually pretty nice, but it continued off and on through the day. The rain didn’t hold us back, though. When we arrived at Grand Mal, we got lunch underway and started setting up our dive gear. Today our dive site consisted of something really unique; it was called Statue Gardens. Our crew got to dive 25 feet down and explore some really cool statues that were sunk as a combination of art and an artificial reef – and take some sick pictures, obviously. After diving, we had a couple of hours until dinner. Hence, most of us took that time as an opportunity to get some work done and completed considering we are technically in school, just doing it in the coolest way possible. Dinner was served down below as it continued to pour outside, and we finished the day with Oceanography class taught by our wonderful Carolyn. Tomorrow is a new day and a new location. Hopefully, this means a little less rainfall, even though it did remind me a little bit of home back in Washington which I do miss oh so very much 🙂