Location: Gorda Sound, BVI 18 30.08'N 64 22.29' W

Hello everyone! So quick review of what we did today.

I got the privilege to wake people up at 7 am because I was the skipper. Everyone gathered up on deck for our swim test. We had to swim four times around Argo and then tread water for ten minutes. I think it was very refreshing to go for a swim in the morning. Some of us did swallow a decent amount of saltwater, but then we ate pancakes for breakfast, so we were all fine! So there were basically two groups today. The non-scuba certified students and certified students. If you were a non-certified, in the morning, you had knowledge review from the information you had learned the day before and then took quizzes. You also set up gear in the afternoon and finally got to go in the water and practice safety drills. In the evening, you had to watch two more scuba videos. Yay!… or not. Sitting through those videos may not be fun, but it is so worth it in the end. Your first breath underwater is magical

If you were a certified diver, in the morning, you had a review of how to set up scuba gear and how to check it. In the afternoon, you could either stay on the boat, study for something, go on the beach, snorkel, and/or go on a hike up a small hill. I went up the hill, and it was beautiful! Once everyone was done with whatever they were doing, we all gathered back on board. We took “showers, aka jump in the water, get back out, shampoo and wash, jump back in the water (repeat if you use conditioner) and then rinse off with fresh water with the hose. It’s actually quite refreshing. A couple of people wanted to stay in the water. After that, we relaxed on the deck, listening to music, reading, or talking. We then ate dinner in the cockpit like the two nights before. Every night we do something called the squeeze. Everyone holds hands, and the skipper asks a question- it can be anything as long as it’s Seamester appropriate. Mine was “what is one weird/interest/fun/random fact about you?” We definitely got multiple good laughs! To end the squeeze, you squeeze the hands that you are holding and then invent some sort of clap. Mine was tapping your thighs, clap and snap. It’s your time to be creative!

Being with the whole crew around the cockpit is definitely something I look forward to during the day and will look forward to for the rest of the trip. We start night watches tonight, which will be interesting. It’s in teams of pairs, and it’s only for an hour. Well, that’s it for today, folks! This trip is definitely going to impact all our lives in a way or another. And I can say almost positively that we are all excited for what is to come and glad that we decided to join Seamester. Check-in tomorrow for more updates! 🙂