Location: 16 53.39'S 148 52.00'W

First off, MOM! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU’RE AGING! Have a fantastic 54th birthday; I appreciate the 1000 question game we play every time I call home and the love you have for every person around you. Miss you and love you.

Secondly, This is the last full day of passage this crew of Argo 2017 will have. It was a low-key day as it was filled with the melancholy vibe of a final endeavor. It’s hard to end something that every person on the boat has appreciated so much. Today was especially good as we were able to do some ocean jump-in showers and partake in back-flips off the bowsprit. Also, being able to finish all our classes and have a day completely class or work free made it a passage day worth remembering. The day was topped off by a fantastic sunset and a nearly full moon.


Some things I will miss about the passage is the odd joy of waking up at incredibly odd hours of the night to patrol the cream-colored deck of Argo, the seemingly endless miles of ocean that splashes by, Henry and Jack’s musical skills, and the ridiculous conversations had with watch teams. Even when faced with a large squall or a blazing hot day comparable to an oven cooking a slow roast meal are ways to remember these times. These things, canned food, and long hours of thought are what make passage such a joy.


So as one of our members of the boat always says

“Let’s have a day” Robert Nolan


Grantis M