Location: At Sea

The sun rose golden over Ahe this morning, setting us on our way to Tahiti. Breakfast was whipped up by Jack and Lindsay, who served us a huge tray full of delicious pancakes, about half of which James ate. After a gluttonous meal, we raised anchor and raced into our final passage prep aboard Argo, which was done with ease incomparable with our first passage prep. We finished long before we reached the channel out of the atoll. The water in the channel was low when we arrived, so Captain Ben decided to wait for the tide to turn before going through.

The current out of the channel swept us back into the dark waters of the Pacific, and we said goodbye, Ahe. I’m going to miss the simple beauty of this amazing place: a circle of tiny islands in the middle of the Pacific, cut off from the complicated world we’re currently sailing back to. I’m also going the miss the simplicity and joyful ease of passage, and the entire crew of Argo is savoring the last watches as we cruise toward our final destination. We finished off the day with our last exam, and it feels bittersweet to say, “finish up our academics.” The last passage of this semester promises to pull at our hearts as the last of the atolls slips behind the horizon.