Location: 32 01.13'S 15 23.92'E

Day 11 of our voyage dawns with watch team 2 manning Argos helm, keeping watch for nearby ships, and making sure our ship.

This marks the first full day of our new watch system weve begun since we finally left Cape Town yesterday. All the crew is split up into three watch teams who cycle every 4 hours, with a 2-hour dog watch at lunch and dinner. The watch teams are responsible for manning the helm, keeping a lookout for things that we might run into, and doing an hourly boat check to make sure that water isnt anywhere it shouldnt be, and to make sure all the machinery that is supposed to be running is running.

Its quite an adjustment suddenly switching to a 24-hour schedule. We all have to diligently keep on top of our time, as we still have classes and normal boat jobs to take care of, with our watch shifts. Its definitely taking its toll on a number of students, as well as some staff, but we’ve been promised that after a few days, we will all adjust. The wind has been with us this whole time, and we are making great progress towards St. Helena!