Location: Underway to St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean

Today was another great day at sea which started off at the early hours of 00:00-3:00 for watch. This particular watch we did not see any boat traffic but we did have plenty of flying fish to pick up off the deck of Argo. My watch team’s new goal is to get a sequence of pictures of a flying fish leaving the water, we have not had any luck yet. Our watch team has also started chatting about what St. Helena is going to be like, we have discussed everything from a colony of vampires, to sky rise buildings and robots, I guess we will just have to see in a week! Later on in the day for lunch we had a great meal of enchiladas made by the chefs Brain and Stephanie. Following lunch we had two classes which were Marine Biology, and Basic Seamanship. In sailing class we learned to tie a variety of knots and in Marine Biology we learned about microorganisms. My brain is on overload from all the new information we have been learning but it all has been so interesting and I can’t wait to learn more! After classes finished it was time to take showers, which were extremely cold but very refreshing. After showers you could find people on watch, doing homework, or taking a nap before there next watch. Dinner was a great meal of potato curry and it was followed by an amazing sunset. Life on Argo is becoming a natural routine, and everyone is enjoying being surrounded by 360 degrees of nothing but ocean!