Location: Underway to St. Helena in the Atlantic Ocean

A more than pleasant day today. I am in a particularly good mood today because we have finally been sailing, not motoring, for the past 24 hours. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like it will last, but nonetheless. It is nice to turn off the engine for a while and to listen to the sound of the boat riding through the water. We have also been making decent time and have now sailed over 1000nm. It is a little unusual to have such a massive ocean crossing take place first thing in a semester, but I will say this crew has taken to it well. Passage life is a unique and special experience which the crew has fully embraced. That’s especially good because there is still plenty more to go. My particular favorite part of the open ocean passage is night watch. The beauty and variety of the night are inexpressible, from full moons so bright that it’s a second day to no moon nights when more stars come out than anywhere else in the world. Each and everyone aboard is captivated each night by the pure beauty. Then there are the random mysteries of the sea. A few nights ago, we sailed through what is believed to be a patch of bioluminescent jellyfish. Glowing green orbs trailing in our wake, stretching off towards the horizon where they merge with the stars. Some nights we chatter and laugh together, and other nights we simply sit in silence, consumed by our own thoughts. Either way, the peace out here is unparalleled. And so Argo keeps rolling along, north and westward.