Location: Underway to Essaouira, Morocco

The winds have been picking up today, and we were able to sail for some time, without the engine on, which is always good news. With the winds also came some rain, but that is a fair price to pay for putting aside the noise of the engine and substituting it for the whistling of the wind in the sails.

Not only the rain and the wind keep us company, but also the fraters and the occasional sailing boat making their way to their destinations, probably the Canary Islands, or some more exotic location along the West coast of Africa. We knew the Strait of Gibraltar was going to be a busy place. As it turns out, at the Northwest coast of Morocco, although not as busy as the door to the Mediterranean, we are not going to feel alone either. Bow watch is kept entertained by lights at night every now and then, and our PSCT students can have some practice at recognizing what kind of boats they are. During the day, we are amazed by the size and speed of some of those ships.

In the meantime, we keep approaching Essaouira. According to the last estimation, we should make it there by midnight tonight, which is earlier than we initially thought. The currents must be on our side.

We are excited to explore not just a new country, but a new continent. Before that, though, we still had some time for Marine Biology and Maritime Transport classes. On top of that, we could also improvise sort of a Biology lab when Sam, Brahm, and Ben caught their first fish: A small tunny at the end of their hand line. The first taste of our adventures through the Atlantic.