Location: Underway to Merakesh, Morocco

By the time we were woken up for lunch, the coast of Morocco was no longer visible aboard Argo. It was just us, the ocean, and a couple of boats scattered here and there. We enjoyed a delicious taco salad lunch while still rubbing our eyes and slowly waking up after a long night of watches. After lunch cleanup, we all gathered in the saloon for our classes. Luckily the passage has been incredibly smooth, and nobody needed to run topside to boot and rally. We started classes with MTE, where we learned the proper technique of docking as well as different lights and sound signals for different types of vessels. After MTE, we had our oceanography class with Emma. In oceanography, we learned about winds, convection cells, and the Coriolis Effect. After our classes, we all gathered on deck in our swimsuits for a swim call in the Atlantic Ocean. With only one other boat in sight and in several thousand feet of water, the swimming was amazing. We all practiced our flips and dives while doing our ocean showers at the same time. Once everyone had gotten their fill of failing to perform a perfect back-flip, we started up the engine once more and took off. Captain’s watch finished, and watch team one (team biscuit) took over, where we continued doing our push-up challenge, aiming to be able to do 100 push-ups in a row by the end of the challenge. At 1800 we all mustered for our daily squeeze question (“where do you see the person to your right in 10 years from now?”) and dinner. When everyone was done eating, the birthday cake was brought up for our birthday boy, Bram, who is officially 18 years old and an adult now. After gorging ourselves on two types of cake, we all rushed through dinner cleanup and got in bed early to prepare ourselves for another night of early morning watches and midnight snacks.