Location: Gibraltar

Today was our last day in Gibraltar, and after the nightmare that was provisioning yesterday, we decided to go out with a bang. We all rallied at our normal time, ate a bomb breakfast made by Matt (crepes), and discussed the nightmares we all had last night because Kevin had us watch the movie “White Squall.” We powered through briefings, breakfast, and clean-up, and by eleven, we all went to shore to spend the morning as we pleased. Most of us headed straight for the gondola that took us to the top of the Rock of Gibraltar (commonly called The Rock). A few decided to hike up and took the less traveled ‘Mediterranean Steps’ up the backside to the top. Now, fun fact about the Rock of Gibraltar, at the top of The Rock, resides Europe’s only population of Monkeys. Another fun fact, these monkeys know no fear. The monkeys showed the crew of Argo, who was boss today. They ate Veronica’s hair, stole Townes’s shirt, peed on Hillary, and successfully ambushed ten other people. This may sound awful, but in actuality, it was one of the funniest days we’ve had so far. After The Rock, people got in their last minute shopping before we set out for passage, grabbed some lunch, and headed back to port. We got Argo ready for passage in record time, and we all said goodbye to Europe. We were treated to the best sunset of the trip this far as the sky glowed shades of orange, pink, and yellow for nearly an hour. We have a two and a half-day sail till we arrive in Morocco, and we’re all prepared to violently vomit our brains out as we pass thru the Straight of Gibraltar. Africa here comes Argo.

Han Jambo


and Habari, your skipper of the day, Kristian Washburn