Location: Saba

Today has been a good day. The crew of Ocean star split into three groups this morning. One group conquered the taunting Mt. Scenery. They hiked from the boat at sea level up the ladder to the bottom, whereas the real hike started. They then climbed up a thousand plus steps to the top of the mountain, where they reached the top at over 2800 ft. rock on. The other two groups spent the day diving, Diamond Rock. Personally, one of my favorite dive spots in the Caribbean did not disappoint us today. The rock is an impressive piece of geography; starting at 80ft, it rises straight up from the sand with its vertical face sticking another 100 ft+ out of the water. We spent the dive swimming around the base of the pinnacle. It was covered with an impressive amount of marine life; Bright corals, huge sponges, lobsters, and schools of fish swimming above our heads. We even were graced by the presence of sea turtles and stingrays. After everybody was back on board, we ate dinner, prepared the boat for passage, and got underway for the BVI’s Skipper Casey, signing off Cool Peace Bye…Long live Venti-mester 2010 Twenty days does it mean to you Twenty friends standing tall and true Over the mountains we’ve climbed Through the squalls we have sailed The karaoke we have rhymed Against the winds we did prevail Oh how the good times have rolled While living on Ocean Star Looking for adventures wide and far The memories continue to unfold For tropical islands we have explored Wonderlands we have adored Under the water we did breath A couple of lines we have heaved To be alive, the ocean blue The joys of ocean star does it mean to you -Casey Debenham 2010