Location: Leverick Bay, British Virgin Islands

Today, July 13th, Ocean Star’s crew accepted some friendly and curious visitors from the town in Virgin Gorda. Local children from ages 5- 14 were invited to come aboard to learn about all of the roles, duties, and responsibilities that the crew fulfills on a daily basis, as well as to experience life aboard an 88-foot vessel. After we left the bay, Ocean Star, her crew, and the new visitors got the first taste of the motions and processes of operating while fully underway in a somewhat open ocean with sails raised. A lunch of veggie burgers then helped keep grouchy emotions down, as it was also a scorching hot day. The local children kept the crew on their feet, though, constantly asking questions while also sharing joyful stories and clever riddles. Once their visit came to an end, Ocean Star returned to her previous anchor position from the day prior amongst the mangrove trees. The night would yield a delicious meal ashore at the beach barbecue with the rest of Global Expeditions Group, including Action Quest and GoBeyond. Cheeseburgers, salads, and hotdogs flowed into the mouths of tired yet famished students and staff members.