Location: Leverick Bay, British Virgin Islands

Following a hearty breakfast of pancakes, the crew of the Ocean Star began to prepare for the first sail raising of the voyage. To begin the process, the group of sailors started by lifting the boom, followed by the gaff. This allowed the sails to capture the wind and provided the force to propel the ship to the next anchorage after the anchor was raised. We were on our way! After making anchorage, the crew was able to practice sailing maneuvers. We split into groups and tacked (the crossing of the bow through the wind) and gybed (the crossing of the stern through the wind) until we felt comfortable with the movement of the boat. We proceeded to take part in a muster drill and continued to learn about safety aboard. The open water diving class was able to review their final test to become certified divers. The rest of the day was spent learning about the mangroves and the diverse species that they provide safety and sustenance for. After an interesting class by Amy, the crew was taken to snorkel next to a mangrove forest. We were able to see juvenile yellowtail snappers, juvenile barracuda, sea cucumbers, upside-down jellyfish, many sponges and corals, and schools and schools of baitfish. Upon returning to Ocean Star, the group took turns jumping into the ocean from the bowsprit, some choosing to perform flips on the way. Tonight we will attend an oceanography class taught by Peyton. We are all looking forward to whatever adventure tomorrow brings.