Location: Mallorca, Spain

After arriving in Mallorca during the early morning hours and putting the boat to bed, today was a relaxed day aboard Argo. Open water divers, still working towards our scuba certification, completed a third dive, and certified divers took “Nope’ a’don” (one of our dinghies) off to explore. The rocky waterfront here is stunning, both under and above water. The sun and warmth were welcome after the first few dives in Sardinia. It’s a good sign when you don’t have to change directly from your foulies to your wetsuit.

It’s exciting for us open water divers to slowly grow out of the first stage– today was one of the first days we all felt confident and had been taught enough to leave confined water and really appreciate what we can see under the surface. Sam found an octopus a few hundred meters away from the boat.

The rest of the day was spent quietly studying or reading. It’s nice to spend time in a less developed place and take some time to relax after a few days of city time in Tarragona and Barcelona. It’s been a wonderful start to our time in Mallorca, and everybody is excited to both continue diving tomorrow and for the other adventures that await us on this island.


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