Location: Underway to Mallorca, Spain

Shortly after sunrise, the boat was quickly divided. Below deck, there was quiet as the shipmates worked through their marine biology exams, and the Open Water students were tested on the Recreational Dive Table. Up above deck, the hustle and bustle had begun. More food, spares, and small vessel items to keep Argo running smoothly were loaded. Beige sail covers were rolled back to reveal the booms and sails. Halyards were attached, and sheets were run. Dry laundry was taken down, and the decks were secured for passage.

By lunchtime, we had slipped the lines and motored out to the Balearic Sea. Today was very different from our time spent in Sardinia. There was barely a ripple, and the wind index spun circles as the masts slowly rocked from side to side. If conditions stay the same, the 105 miles to Mallorca should probably take us about 18hrs at 1300rpm on the main engine. That should put us arriving in time for sunrise.

Later all crew mustered up on deck and split into two teams – ready for a pin rail race. The staff shouted out the names of different lines ‘Jib downhaul, running backstay, mainsail tack line’, and shipmates grasped at every line they could find until they hit the right one. Despite trying their best to stump the students with difficult lines, it was impressive how much the shipmates already knew. These guys are going to be running this boat in no time.