Location: Tarragona, Spain

After the more festive vibes of yesterday, Argo’s crew took a much needed break today, devoting time to either studying or hiking. Starting the day with a nice oceanography class right after breakfast, we rolled into a student organized team building activity where our very own Sydney took charge and led the group into some serious self improvement. With this fresh in mind, everyone trudged away to begrudgingly begin cramming for our first biology exam which, as fate would have it, would be pushed back until tomorrow due to timing issues. After a relaxed lunch on the boat, there was the option to go hiking, which was absolutely gorgeous. A brisk walk from beach to forest, trekking on to find a castle, but instead found a town. A small faction broke away to get some running in, while others went back to bask in the sun at the beach. Back to the boat, more study time. Dinner ended up being a tad late, but we all enjoyed the more traditional Spanish timing of it. Oh and Somers cut Hilary’s hair, with a little help.