Location: Barcelona, Spain

U2 9 pm, back in time for breakfast. Cheesecake.

Good morning Argo crew! It was time to rise and shine for everyone to catch the morning train for our day in Barcelona. Zigzagging through allies and side streets, we were headed to tour the beautiful city by Budget bikes. Sonya, Sydney, and I strolled over to a small cafe to grab some nom-noms before we headed out. After our croissants and cappuccinos, we were ready to leave in two groups to tour the city, especially Matt, who was being lugged in a basket with all his camera equipment while Kevin carted him around. The first stop of the chaos was the Arc de Triomf. Then, we headed to the Sagrada Familia, which was a favorite stop along the way.

Even though the cathedral is still unfinished, it was a beautiful sight to see, and the architecture was outstanding. Unfortunately, the outside of the cathedral and the park were all we got to see since the tickets ended up selling out before we got there. We saw many fountains and parks along with a small cathedral. At the Parc de la Ciutadella, we rode around until we hit the center with a gigantic fountain that I wish I could’ve dived right into to cool off from the Spanish heat. Kelsey, Ava Leigh, Kristian, Georgia, and I got to play with an abundant sea of bubbles from a street performer, not actually in the fountain. We rode down to the coast and to Port Vell, where we got to visit the beach and see all the beautiful squares along with them. Once our tour was over, we split up to have a day of exploring the city. Some people ran the steps of the Catalan art museum. Sydney and I found a local tapas restaurant and had a delish lunch. We went on a mission to explore the breathtaking city of Barcelona and found native shops with Spanish trinkets. Along our journey for the day, we discovered the palace garden and antique flea market of some sort. Rushing to meet up with the group, I ran across to a flower shop and bought a mint plant. I wanted a cactus, but having a spiny plant on a boat could be potentially dangerous and it is slightly impractical. So instead, I found a mint plant, and with help, it got the name Ricardo. Simultaneously another mint plant was bought without the other knowing one was already bought; this one acquired the name Lucy. To end the Argo crew’s adventures for the day, we got to hang out at a refurbished Plaza de Toros (bullfighting arena), which is now a shopping center with tasty restaurants. Here we got time to catch up with the whole group and hear about their adventures and time well spent. In a few months looking back upon their in Barcelona will be a delightful memory.