Location: Tarragona, Spain

We’ve arrived in Spain! We sailed in this morning after three long days of sailing from Sardinia, Italy, to Tarragona, Spain. After a foggy sunrise and scattered breakfast, Watch teams one and two were on deck, preparing for arrival, while watch team three (who had just finished their four-hour watch) caught up on a bit of much-needed sleep. We inflated fenders using a scuba tank and then followed our pilot boat under a drawbridge and into the port. We then set up anchor lines and covered the sails before everyone gathered in the cockpit for our briefing. We were given two hours to explore the nearby port town and enjoy lunch on land. After lunch, we jumped right into Boat Appreciation- our way of giving back to Argo. Some people scrubbed the decks and sides of the boat, while others cleaned water out the bilges, organized the Laz, or went out to provision the boat. I went downstairs with a few other people, and together we cleaned the galley, emptied and cleaned the fridge and shelves, and then the floors and benches of the salon. Around 4, the cooks began working on their delicious dinner of red peppers stuffed with beef and rice, mashed potatoes, and leftover pasta. After dinner, we have another class, Marine Biology, and then a good night’s sleep for Barcelona tomorrow!