Location: Underway to Tarragona, Spain

Another day in the life, except not. Now having fully realized that every day onboard holds a moment of awe that expands the mind in the same way a cup of coffee awakens the senses to look for the previous watch teams ‘bioluminescent dolphins’, life can truly be appreciated on Argo (also not having a 12-4 AM watch shift helps). Morning greeted those of us begrudgingly awake with a golden rose hue as the wind that swiftly carried us through the night started to die, with not but crashing swells to mark their passing. After breakfast and a beautiful start to the day, some of us joined the many sleeping through the late morning until everyone mustered for lunch. Our delicious meal was followed by a thorough education by our resident Spaniard oceanographer Emma, concluded by a debate moderated by our first mate Ben. The true heart of the day was at shower time. Engine off and silently drifting through the sea, a ladder was hoisted, and so began a dip in 2500m deep crystal blue water. The water was perfectly still save the ripples on the surface that mirrored a symphony of sound waves and the swells like gently rolling hills. The day was topped off with a relaxing afternoon of hangout and study time as dark started to set, and so our watch began again.