Location: Fernando de Noronha, Brazil

Once the sun broke through the lightning-filled sky, there sat a beautiful, lush, green island that sent the whitewash of breaking blue waves high into the sky. We made it to Fernando de Noronha! Watch team 2 woke the rest of the crew up with the jolting sound of a dropping anchor. They watched squinty morning eyes turn to big ole bug eyes and yawns turn to dropped jaws as heads began poking out of the companionway. After enjoying one last bow of boatmeal for breakfast, boat appreciation began. People were swabbing the deck, organizing the bookshelves, bleaching walls, benches, and tables, sweeping, taking an inventory of what food was left, and more! Parents – I know it’s hard to believe your children woke up and immediately began deep cleaning with smiles on their faces, but it really did happen! I’d have proved it to you with pictures except I was busy squatting in the freezer, scrubbing out frozen meat juices the entire time. When you have all hands on deck, it’s amazing how quickly you can clean a 112-foot superyacht. We finished before lunch! After lunch, many took time to reconnect with the “outside world” and called home. While some took time to reconnect, others realized that the deadline for oceanography’s literature review assignment was quickly approaching and took time to work on it while soaking up some sun on deck. The night came to an end as the entire crew formed a conga line and congaed throughout the boat. I’m a firm believer that a hard day’s work should always end with a dance party!