Location: Nuka Hiva

Today was a mixture of having some time ashore and scuba diving. Most of us used the time onshore to get things organized for when we get back home -signing into classes, checking in with advisors, etc. A very different world from the underwater realm that was below the rugged, dark green topography. As we descended down the steep wall, about a mile outside the bay, we saw a world rich in life. 1000’s of grunts schooled in the rocks while manta rays snuck up behind us from the deep blue. They glided elegantly, barely seeming to move their wings and yet still moving faster than any of us could hope to swim. We went underwater in bright sunshine, but when we surfaced, you could see thunderstorms starting to roll in – changeable as the weather is here at this time of year. Back on the boat and head chef, Tom had shared his Nan’s Puerto Rican soul food recipe, which included homemade tortillas, which we wolfed down as the sun slid behind the mountaintops.

Meanwhile, mark III of the watermaker part is complete – hopefully, this is third time lucky!