Location: Taiohae Bay, Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

Today was our second day in the Marquesas. Tina and Carolyn woke up super early and went into the local market so we all would have fresh veggies to cook with for the next few days. Thank you. Captain Ben and Ian are making progress trying to fix our watermaker (update from Thursday morning – they did it! Ian and Ben sacrificed much sleep, but we have been running the watermaker since 4 am and have almost two full tanks again!). We got to stretch out our legs after being at sea for 19 days, going on an awesome walking tour through the jungle, picking and eating delicious fresh avocados. Limes, grapefruits, and coconuts! Our tour guide Richard told us so much about the land and the history of Marquesas, ending the tour in a church with beautiful hand-carved wooden doors and statues. After the hike, we all enjoyed a nice cold drink at the local grocery store, and then we were able to go into town for free time. Many of us, being exhausted, sat at the cafe and enjoyed the wifi talking to friends and family back home. Some used this time to work on our research projects. There was also a local event going to welcome the sailors of the ARC Rally, and we enjoyed getting to watch the Marquesas welcome them with traditional drumming and singing. Back on Argo, we put food away, went swimming, and chilled around the boat, waiting for dinner. Today was a special day being Soofer’s 20th birthday. We sang happy birthday at the Squeeze and enjoyed chocolate cake before clean up. Everyone is pretty exhausted from this amazing day and are looking forward to going to bed so we can have another amazing day tomorrow. Once again, Happy Birthday, Soofer!